Our Honour

Muhammad Jawed Bilwani

Chief Coordinator PHMA

Pakistan Knitwear Industry has made great strides in development in the recent past in the sense that now not only it caters to 100% requirements of the local market, its major output is exported to the developed world. In order to keep its competitive edge among other textile exporters in Asia, Pakistan’s Knitwear Industry is presently engaged in upgrading and modernization of its equipment & ancillaries. This process will continue unabated with new technology and equipment making its way in the industry every now and then. However, this solo effort is not enough. The industry needs a systematic reinforcement of its human resources to strengthen its production technology and management, thereby raising the standard of its products. PHMA Institute of Knitwear Technology, Karachi, has been established precisely to achieve this end. The Institute, by providing training to professionals from industry and to the prospective entrants, will provide manpower with the right credentials i.e., having desired educational background, coupled with hi0tech skills to make the industry more competitive internationally. The Institute has been specifically designed to cater to the present and future needs of the industry & to enable it to face the challenges of post quota era & make Pakistan competitive in the free trade regime. I welcome new entrants to the Institute of Knitwear Technology and assure that PHMA will lend all possible support to the Institute to ensure that students get quality education and training.

Khizer Mehboob

SZ Zonal Chairman

Junaid Ismail Makda

Finance Commitee Chairman

Muhammad BABAr Khan

Central Chairman

Shabbir Bilwani

Vice Chairman

Fawad Usman

Chairman IKTK

Saleem Parekh

Member Managing Commitee

Dr. Shama Afroz

Project Director

Syed Sarwar Hussain

Admin & Finance Officer

Syed Yasir Ali

Program Manager

Abdul Mannan Khan

Marketing Coordinator

Our Faculty

Afaq Ahmed

Visiting Faculty

Trainer of Quality Control & Quality Assurance Industrial Stitching Master Trainer

Syed Aleem Haider

Visiting Faculty

Trainer of Export Import Documentation Quality Control and Quality Assurance

M. Rafat Kamal Narvi

Visiting Faculty

Trainer of Merchandising Export Import Documentation Supply Chain Management Quality Control

Imran Raza

Visiting Faculty

Trainer of Wet Processing Fabrication

Tauqeer Hussain

Visiting Faculty

Trainer of CAD CAM (Garments Gerber Technology)

Asif Naveed

Visiting Faculty

Trainer of Industrial Stitching Machine Operator & Dress Making

Ayesha Javaid

visiting Faculty

Trainer of Fashion Designer Hand Embroidery Sketching & Illustration

Khizar Farhat

Visiting Faculty

Trainer of Graphic Designing

Ali Asghar

visiting Faculty

Trainer of Computerized Accounting

Shahina Noor

visiting Faculty

Trainer of Industrial Stitching Machine Operator