***SPAM*** Leaked uncensored photos from your device are about to be shared to public.


I am a professional hacker and you were under my observation for quite =
some time now.

Nowadays, it is not really hard to organize, mostly for IT enthusiast =
like me.

You may be wondering, how did I manage to spy on you?

Well, there are plenty of harmful websites out there and it turns out =
that you like to visit them during your free time.

As result, my spyware has downloaded to your device. This spyware =
detects all image-format files on iOS devices (HEIF, HEVC or JPEG) as =
well as Android (JPEG, JPG or HEIC) devices.

The most interesting part is that whenever you connect to WIFI or to =
mobile network (3G/4G+/H+/LTE),

all your photos get quietly synchronized in silent mode to my own cloud =

I have collected sufficient content in order to share to public your =
undisguised photos in social networks,

like Instagram or Facebook in a form of new posts or news, or via =
personal messages of WhatsApp Viber, Telegram etc.

Hence, even if you delete those photos from your device, I still have =
got a copy of them in my cloud, so you won’t be able to delete =
them as well.

In order to avoid 🔥 YOUR UNCENSORED HOT NEWS 🔥 being =
shared to your contacts,

I can suggest a fair deal to you. This deal is valid within 72 hours. =

Based on this deal, you need to transfer 1000 USD (in Bitcoin =
equivalent) to my bitcoin wallet and after that I will completely =
disappear from your life.

In event that you are still unaware about how to complete bitcoin funds =

you can easily solve this issue by Googling “Buy Bitcoin with Credit =
Card or Debit Card” or something similar.

Besides that, there are plenty of P2P services that can transfer the =
required Bitcoin amount to my wallet in exchange for funds transfer from =
your bank card (Visa, MasterCard or Maestro).

Here is my Bitcoin address: 18bSTrufLfuvHwS7JYuF626MBGULSmxTgR

I really want to settle this situation in a peaceful manner and I =
believe you want that too.

Nothing personal, it is simply my job.

Make sure you use valid Antivirus software and stay away from unwanted =

Take care of yourself.

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